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Products / containers and more

Storage Container

Our simplest container, used to safely store material and goods. Affordable, durable, manufactured in many different sizes and variations. More information >

Phyto Container

Phytocontainer is steel container suitable for storage of various chemical and biological substances (oil, petrol, oil fuel, chemicals). More information >

Accomodation / Office Container

Accomodation containers are affordable, easily accessible and simple form of solving space problems according to customer’s requirements. More information >

Combi Container

Combined Container is a handy combination of an office container and a storage unit with endless possibilities of deployment. Offered in various sizes. More information >

Construction site container

Container designed for deployment on construction sites, used to store construction equipment. More information >

Multistore Solutions

Spaces built from affordable Multistore container solutions are used for their flexibility, durability and easy transportation. More information >

Special Containers

Metal Container also offers Display Containers > suitable for showrooms and stores and Garage Containers > equipped with mechanical or electrical garage doors.

Cooling Container

Metal Container offers special cooling containers to clients who need to keep their goods in stable temperature. Contact us for more information.

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