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Storage Container

Our simplest container, used to safely store material and goods. Affordable, durable, manufactured in many different sizes and variations. More information >

Phyto Container

Phytocontainer is steel container suitable for storage of various chemical and biological substances (oil, petrol, oil fuel, chemicals). More information >

Accomodation / Office Container

Accomodation containers are affordable, easily accessible and simple form of solving space problems according to customer’s requirements. More information >

Combi Container

Combined Container is a handy combination of an office container and a storage unit with endless possibilities of deployment. Offered in various sizes. More information >

Construction site container

Container designed for deployment on construction sites, used to store construction equipment. More information >

Multistore Solutions

Spaces built from affordable Multistore container solutions are used for their flexibility, durability and easy transportation. More information >

Container with hook lift frame

A container with a hook lift frame, known as a roll-off container, is a type of container commonly used in the construction and waste management industries. More >

Container with tilting walls

Standard-sized container with tilting walls, easily transformed into a functional and mobile bar, cafe, shop, kiosk, or space for outdoor events and venues. More >

Display (glass) container

Display container is a solution for showrooms or stores, available in a range of sizes and designed according to your specific requirements. More >

Garage container

Garage containers are specialized solutions equipped with either mechanical or electrical garage doors designed for use as a garage or storage space. More >

Container with sliding doors

The container with sliding doors is a practical and reliable storage solution that is ideal for a variety of applications. More >

Container with mesh eye door

Storage container that features a unique door made of welded steel mesh. The door frame consists of a hollow steel rectangular profile. More >

Septic tanks

Heavy-duty storage tank designed for waste management. The tank has a one-chamber system, it is stackable, constructed from fully welded steel. More >


The 20ft Platform is a sturdy and reliable type of container structure. The main frame of the platform is built from durable 3mm thick steel. More >

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